Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Inspiration

I thought Wal Mart loved me.

When I started mt diet in January, Wal Mart went all-out to provide huge displays of healthy food choices, end-caps tall with lo-cal snacks, a bakery section with whole wheat, high fiber breads. There were full page ads with the latest exercise equipment, bathroom scales, and the most current diet books. Wal Mart was undulated with work-out clothing, great tennis shoes, and sweat wear.

I loved Wal Mart for considering me- and millions of other non-thin people. I embraced the freshness of the store- the impression that I mattered.
I was thrilled that there was a haven- a shelter- an understanding friend at Wally World.

But sadly, now my giant friend has broken my heart- seemingly tossing me aside and almost forgetting our relationship.

Now Wal Mart is snuggling up with Doritos and guacamole and Pepsi displays. Making out with Party pizzas and thick cheese dips and football shaped Fritos.
I've been dumped for the Super Bowl.

Hey- I want a tight end, too. I want to tackle those bad habits and block those irresponsible choices that left me down and out. I don't want to foul out or fumble on this important journey. I really don't want to be a wide receiver of donuts anymore!

I will keep focused on the goal and finally shed this pigskin. I will continue this power sweep, this forward progress, this scramble to finding thin.
And I don't need Wal Mart as my coach!

I'm your greatest fan.
I care about your progress.
We all can do this -with strength and determination and a winning attitude.

Only 177 days till TOUCHDOWN!
Give me a high-five !!!