Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weigh-In Day

For a week, I have felt like I was crawling through a tunnel.
It was dark, I was lost, and I was hungry.
Every single day, I wondered if I'd ever make it to the end...
If I would ever get through the obstacles and the stern little voices that whispered, "Quit."...

Those voices that said, "Just stop.
Turn around.
Go back.
It's warm and delicious and bright...

...And there are brownies waiting."

My belly growled, but I figured if I could just crawl a little further- just make it till nighttime and then I could go again in the morning. Each day I grew stronger. The path became easier.

And this morning I saw the light.
It was the bathroom light.
And there -on the tile- was The Scale.
It glowed with an aura from a sci-fi movie.
There was a drum roll.

Then I stepped on it -with faith and hope and terror gurgling inside of me as I watched the numbers appear.

And guess what?
Every inch of that tunnel was worth it.

We aren't going to talk numbers here. But I am satisfied with the results.
I know you all are celebrating your losses, too.
If not, then I know it will be next week, or the next.

I know that every tunnel will not be as easy to navigate. This week it might be a treacherous mountain I'll have to scale- or a hurricane I must survive...An ocean to swim or a desert to cross. No week will be the same as the next.

Only one thing is certain.
If you stay focused, you will reach the end of your journey and be glad for it.
And no one can call you a quitter.

I want to thank all of you.
Knowing we are in this together keeps me on track.

Well, gotta go.
I see this huge tidal wave coming at me this week and I gotta surf it.
It's not going to be easy, but I think I'm up to the journey.
Only 192 days left to go.

Hang Ten!


sisterlinda said...

Congrats on the weight loss, no matter how little or how large! This is a day by day process and I am beginning a new day AND a new week. M aybe someday soon the scale will not be out of some Sci-Fi flick but will become our trusted friend. Something we will learn to love and stay into the habit of using on a weekly basis. If I had kept my friendship, with the scale, after my last weight loss, I would not where I am today. I just kind of put it in storage, afraid to step upon it....If I would have not hidden it these pounds would NOT have found me!

I am going to learn to LOVE my friend the scale...even if on some weeks it gives me a plus sign. After all it will be MY fault and NOT the scales!