Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Steps. No- Wait. Snail Steps.

It's another new month again.

I'm sitting here on this
chilly September morning,
sipping hot coffee
and wondering how so much
time has passed
and so little has been done.

I imagined Thanksgiving
and Christmas in my mind...
The slim new me-
the grace and agility of which I moved-
right past the pecan pie
and on to the vegetable platter...
The healthy way I looked...
bright eyes, shiny hair, rosey completion...

Today my eyes are sallow-
my hair dull, my skin a puffy mix
of too much salt and too little sleep.

I keep trying to think of my
own advice.

Baby steps.

On the bright side,
I have lost two pounds
and one inch this month.

Yea, I know-
nothing to break out the confetti for.

But, it's a new starting place.
A new marker.
Another reason not to
give up all together.

I'm still hoping that red sweater
will look fabulous on New Years Eve.

But enough about me-
How are all of you doing?