Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Steps. No- Wait. Snail Steps.

It's another new month again.

I'm sitting here on this
chilly September morning,
sipping hot coffee
and wondering how so much
time has passed
and so little has been done.

I imagined Thanksgiving
and Christmas in my mind...
The slim new me-
the grace and agility of which I moved-
right past the pecan pie
and on to the vegetable platter...
The healthy way I looked...
bright eyes, shiny hair, rosey completion...

Today my eyes are sallow-
my hair dull, my skin a puffy mix
of too much salt and too little sleep.

I keep trying to think of my
own advice.

Baby steps.

On the bright side,
I have lost two pounds
and one inch this month.

Yea, I know-
nothing to break out the confetti for.

But, it's a new starting place.
A new marker.
Another reason not to
give up all together.

I'm still hoping that red sweater
will look fabulous on New Years Eve.

But enough about me-
How are all of you doing?


sisterlinda said...

You KNOW how I am doin! Hey, a loss is a loss! Things will get better after the Labor Day weekend...we can then splurge at the Halloween Bash or the Octoberfest!

I am right behind you with those "snail steps"...but I am far from the finish line.

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Rae, it's good to see your posts again. No matter how yesterday went, each day is a brand new day to do with as you choose. Just have fun with each new day and love yourself. And do any of us really ever reach that 'finish line'? I wonder. But I will be with you all the way!

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Yesterday is just that~! Freakin' yesterday! I am the one that beats up on myself, and a friend told me that I need to stop punchin' ME~!! I got myself to this paunchy self, and I am the only one that can do it...despite my friends ASKING, and continually saying, "Lunch?"...grrrr...It is me that is the one that lathers butter upon baked potato~!!
Ahhhhhh...*sigh*....My friend, I will try and stay in step with you!
After all, next year, you and I will WALK the #61

Christy said...

Do you know that I log on to sparkpeople every day and click on the link to spin the wheel and get points, and clink on the link to get a point for reading their emails, and click on the glass of water 8 times to get 5 points for drinking 64 oz. of water? I have over 5000 points! Points that can't be used for anything!

I like your blog better, but I am kinda obsessed with points. Can you give me some points every time I comment? I'll probably do it every day. Just tell me I earned some points. Make it look kinda snazzy. I'm a sucker for that kind of crap.

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the Febreze giveaway. I need to ask, where dod you buy the Febreze vacuum bags?
I'm glad I found your blog, I'm losing weight too but am definitely not as good of a writer as you, I love your posts!
ann dot guns at mac dot com