Thursday, April 30, 2009


While passing the lingerie aisle
in the store last week,
I decided to do a quick run through-
just to see what my options
are going to be
once I am thin again.

how exhilarating it would be
to shed the flannel mu-mu
for a silky slip
or nix the fluffy socks
for some sexy hose
or lose that industrial strength
under wire bra for
something Victoria is
keeping a secret.

How do women wear those thongs?
Mine would get lost under flaps and crevices
and my exposed buttocks would
jiggle worse than jello in an earthquake.

There was nothing in that
particular store that shouted
Plus Size Beauty.
In fact, there doesn't seem to be
anything like that
anywhere on the planet.

A saleslady appeared and
offered her help-
her tiny body clad in a
muscle-bearing sleeveless dress
(In white, even)-
her tan legs jutting out
like long perfect appendages-
her makeup flawless-
her teeth as white as
an all day snow fall-
her attitude one of pity
and concern.

"May I help you? she asked,
giving me the total tip of the head
to tip of the toes
once-over stare.

"Oh, just looking at the panties."
I sighed, trying to suck my gut in.

"Boxers or Briefs?" she said, her
pink Vaseline-intensified-super-glossy
lipstick puckering in disapproval.

I don't know who I hated more
at that moment-
or myself-
or that darn Victoria!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Not A Fun House Mirror

Once again I re-examine my goals
after watching The Biggest Loser
last night.

After seeing their
"before" pictures,
the common sentiment of
all the contestants was
"I wish someone had told
me I was that fat..."

in reality-
Do you?
Do you really want someone
to confront you about your
weaknesses, failures, your
struggles and your imperfections?

Because that's what being
overweight is-
It is- (bottom line here)-
the inability to gain control.

Control of your habits,
your cravings,
your body
and your life.

It's like being in a vehicle
with no steering wheel-
no brakes,
no headlights,
no mirrors and no turn signals.
You are out of control.
Plain and simple.

These contestants
seemed genuinely unaware
that they were fat.
It crept up on them
one pound at a time
until they fit the giant mold.

I looked at myself in the
mirror last night-
I don't need anyone to tell me.
I see it.
The truth reflects back at me
every time I try on clothes
or take a bath
or hang out with thin friends.

I don't need anyone to tell me
that I need to lose weight.

I DO need to tell myself.
I need to re-establish my mind set.
I've faltered from this diet-
this road-
this journey.

I need to get control again.
I need to steer toward the future,
brake before I get full,
shine light on my trouble spots,
watch the rear view mirror
for past mistakes,
and turn my signals
to go right.

RIGHT to the finish line.
In total control-
In total success-
In total self-confidence.

Tell yourself today
what your body needs to hear.
Before it's too late.
Before the giant mold fits
and you forget
what thin even looked like.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Subliminal Messages

I figure it's about time that I finally report
about how great I'm doing on this diet and
how badly the need for chocolate
has almost disappeared with time and no longer
is the only thing I think about.

My clothes are getting so huge that
I may even have to buy new jeans
for the summer and toss the old ones
because they are busted at the seams.
Good thing I can wear new fashions!
The thought of trying on clothes-well..
It's something I absolutely love and
it makes me throw up
to think I once wore those larger sizes!

Cheesecake and pizza are foods
that I have eliminated from my diet and
I think I could eat all day
from the salad bar instead.
Sometimes it doesn't matter to me
what I have to pay for great fish and veggies-
if those calorie-laden treats
are now off my grocery list for good and
are all wrong for me.

I took those first baby steps and
I wondered every single day if I
could lose the extra pounds since I
had 200 days to diet
Yet, I realized I had to at least try
and exercise regularly
and I know I would I look better-
if I would get rid of my big butt!

I thought I had lost my willpower
But it's still here!

Go back and read
the BOLD sentences only.
That's about the way it's going for me!

How are you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

What's In Your Future?

Caribbean cruise...................... $1900

State-of-the-art Treadmill..... $ 700

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini..... $ 60

Case of Diet Coke....................... $ 4

Finding Thin................................ Priceless!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Surprises

Part of any well-structured diet
is the forethought that goes into
preparing the food in
such an attractive way
that it isn't mundane and boring.

I try to always keep
a colorful array on my plate-
a green veggie, a yellow one,
and whatever other color
there is.

In my opinion,
nothing seems more unappetizing
than a baked chicken breast
with cabbage, green beans and
okra as sides.

It's way too green.

Maybe it's just the artist in me,
but I like to play with my food.
Mix it up-
Tweak it a bit.
Make it interesting
and colorful.

And it's always a plus
when Mother Nature helps out.

Like this morning-
I loved putting the
"strawberry lips"
in my husband's oatmeal!

Fun stuff!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Not Impossible

Face it, there are days
when you just can't see the future.
When it seems you'll
never even get close to your goal.
Days when you're tired
of trying to lose that last
ten or twenty pounds-
(or the first two!).

people do it everyday!

You aren't so different.
All it takes is the
will to try.
And the strength to
follow through.

Take for example
the story of David Smith
who lost 400 pounds!
I bet he thought it was
an impossible dream.

But look at him now!

He is now a personal trainer.

What do YOU want to be?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crunch Time!

While watching TV last night,
there was a pretty woman
on some program doing

It's funny.
Her face wasn't all drawn
up into a wad of agony
and her breathing seemed
so consistent and

My husband glanced
over at me and said,
"You need to be doing those."

I almost said sarcastically-
"Oh, my gosh! I hadn't ever
thought of that! Wow!
Great idea! I'll get right on it!"

Instead, I swallowed dryly
and sighed,
"Yeah. I ought to...
I mean- I'm going to..
I really have meant to."

If I did ten sit-ups today,
I'd be bed-ridden for a week!
My stomach muscles would
be so sore I'd feel like I'd
been in some torture chamber
on the stretching machine.

My neck, legs, and butt
would also hurt.
Not to mention the painful
cries that would emit from
my lips in the process
of firming my (lost) abs.

he's right, I know.
There is going to be some pain
along the journey.
Sacrifices must be made.
Things must be done-
whether comfortable or not.

Whether pretty or not-
the elbows are gonna have
to learn to touch the knees.

But- I've come
a long way, baby.
I used to sit and
eat jelly donuts while
watching Susan Powter
and Richard Simmons...

And the whole time thinking-
"I should be doing what they're doing."
But instead of getting up
and doing some stretches,
I'd wipe the jelly off my chin
and reach into the bag for another
circle of calories.

I vow that today I will do ten sit-ups.
Just to please my husband.

And if I don't die doing them-
then I'll do fifteen tomorrow-
and twenty five next week.

if you happen to pass by
my house this afternoon-
just ignore the cries for help
and the heavy breathing.

It's just me.
Doing sit-ups!

...Doing everything I possibly can
to find thin.

Won't you join me?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

When I took out the trash
this morning,
my lungs filled with
sweet morning air-
and I thought to myself
how wonderfully
exhilarating it would be
to set off on a nice walk.

The birds were just waking up-
the grass was dewy and green-
the sky a beautiful blue color
that was turning pink
with the rising sun.

I breathed in.

I thought to myself
how great it is
to be alive.

you know what?
I just went back into
the house and had
another cup of coffee.

The walk was a nice idea,
but that's all that became of it.
Another opportunity for
exercise wasted.

Living out in the country,
I wouldn't walk alone anyway.
But I know I should have at
least grabbed a seat on the porch
and watched the sunrise
and the day open up.

We are given choices in life
and each day we are tested.

I've made the choice
to Find Thin.

I want to experience
gentle Spring mornings-
and whatever the world
has to offer-
for a long, long time.

It's time to start walking.


Monday, April 20, 2009

A Helpful Hand

The only thing I love
as much as seeing the
scale go down when I step on,
is seeing it go down
for my husband.

He's been a real trooper
through this entire journey
and even tends to
keep me on track
when I start to falter.

I'm still safe inside
my sweats and tee shirts-
I haven't lost enough to
be comfortable with my legs
or arms showing.
But my husband is different...

He primps in front of
the mirror lately.
Stretches... Flexes...
Sucks it all in...
Grooms himself meticulously.

When he gets dressed for work,
he pulls his belt-
(now to the last notch!)
with a masculine grunt
of egotistical satisfaction.

I can help but wonder
if he's like me-
and has to loosen the darn thing
after lunch!

I guess I'm jealous
that the pounds haven't
dissolved as quickly for me.
I'm ready to be
Smart and stylish.

Honestly, I haven't been
trying very hard lately.
I need a boost
and I've made a
promise to myself
to try harder.
Just bear down for a few
weeks and see what a difference
it makes.

Sometimes we reach the
plateau and then start sliding
back down the hill.

I sure can't let that happen.
Especially now that my
husband is a cross between
George Clooney and
John Goodman!

I am happy that he's
in stride with me
as we continue to
take baby steps every day.

It helps to have a friend,
a partner, a guide,
whenever you attempt
a lifestyle change.

Less than 100 days
to go.

I don't know about you,
but I want to cross
the finish line
with a smile on my face-
and the Spanx in the trash!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Subconscious Splurges & Food Urges

Since I am on my way to
yard sales early this morning,
I've cheated on the blog entry a bit
by simply passing along some
interesting diet facts for
you to enjoy.


Research conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., of the Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation reveals the following snack food personalities:

Potato Chips: Potato-chip lovers are successful high achievers who enjoy the rewards and trimmings of their success, both in business and in family life.

Snack Crackers: Contemplative and thoughtful, people who prefer snack crackers base their decisions on logic rather than emotions.

Meat Snacks: Gregarious and social, those who reach for a savory bag of pork rinds or crave beef jerky and other meat snacks are often the life of the party. They are loyal and true friends who can always be trusted.

Pretzels: Lively and energetic, pretzel fans seek novelty and thrive in the world of abstract concepts. They often lose interest in mundane, day-to-day routines.

Tortilla Chips: Perfectionists in regards to their own actions and to the community at large, people who crave tortilla chips are humanitarians who are often distressed by the inequities and injustices of society.

Cheese Curls: Formal, conscientious and always proper, the cheese-curl lover can be described with one word: integrity. They will always maintain moral high ground with their family, work, and romantic partners.

Which one are you?

After soaking in all that-
I think I've figured out my
food personality.

I'm Sybil.

You know- from the 1976
movie starring Sally Field
about a shy student who
has 16 different personalities.

Since there are only 6 personalities above,
I have utilized my psychological background-
(I took Psych 1 in High School, people!)
and added 10 more that I think are

Combos(Yumm...Pizza flavored)
Candy Bars
Hot Wings
Mississippi Caviar(see me for the recipe)
and Ice cream!

I am just one troubled fat woman!

But not for long!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Post-Script To Today's Blog


After Reading Linda's Comment- I couldn't help myself!

Sniff This!

If you've ever passed
a Burger King during lunchtime
or drove by a steak house
in the evening,
you know how the
sense of smell
can make you hungry.

In fact, there is
scientific proof
that smell
has a direct correlation
to your diet and weight.

We tend to think of
as bath oil beads
and scented candles,
but aromatherapy
has also been utilized
by doctors,
and psychologists.

You would naturally think
that if you lost your sense
of smell, that you
wouldn't eat as much.


One known fact
of the studies is that
people who lose their
sense of smell-
(called anosmia)-
actually gain weight.

The doctors explain this by
saying that with no smell,
the brain is tricked into
thinking that it
hasn't eaten yet.

There are aroma pens
that you can purchase
to help you lose weight.
Just sniff them regularly
and your brain thinks
it has already eaten.
Thus, making you feel full
when you really aren't.

I had a hard time finding
a place to purchase them online,
but I read somewhere
that a set of three
cost about $50.

I just can't see myself
sniffing a giant
chocolate pen
and my brain instantly
making me think
that I don't need that
candy bar-
or that I already ate one!

I think in this case,
the nose needs to be
talking to the belly.

My belly can't smell.
But it sure can growl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have You Looked At Your Rear In The Mirror Lately?

Whenever you get a new car,
it's like a treasure-
and you treat it with utmost care.

Clean it, shine it,
vacuum and spray it-
give it only the best gasoline
and the highest grade oil.

Then something strange happens.

When the car gets old,
you start overlooking the dust-
you let lint and crumbs slide-
you buy the cheapest oil change
and let the tires go bald.
Even little scratches or
go unchecked.

And everyday
we wonder to ourselves
how much further down the
road we will get
before it gives out completely.

Well, the same thing happens
with our bodies.

And chances are,
we'll wake up someday and realize
that if we don't do
some maintenance soon
that our journey
will be cut short.

Why do we put such crap
into our bodies?
Overlook extra pounds
and let bulges and wrinkles
take over-
Suddenly stop caring for ourselves
the way we used to...

Our bodies are
a lot like a car.
They need fuel, upkeep,
and protection.

Got junk in your trunk?
Are your axles rusty?
Transmission a bit faulty?
Upholstery dated?
Seat belt too tight?

It's time.
Time to take inventory
of what must be done.

We all want our trip to last longer.
And to be comfortable
and enjoyable.

I'm hoping to find
some jumper cables
in the next few weeks
and power up my mo-jo-
find a smoother ride-
a sleeker ride-

And a more compact ride!

Do it today.
Let's own this Road!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Hundred Days

One hundred days ago-
I decided this fat had to go.

So I started a journey
of 200 days-
which meant that
I could no longer graze

in the smorgasbord
of Fat-ville Town.
I was ready to turn
my whole life around.

At first it was hard
giving up sweets
Saying no to cookies
and cheesecake and treats.

But then something happened-
A miracle maybe-
I started taking steps
much like a baby.

Each day was easier
and even rice cakes were fun
And turkey and lettuce
On a whole wheat bun-
And grains and veggies
became my craving-
I suddenly realized
My health was worth saving.

Well, I didn't quite melt
the way I had planned-
But my new world was better
than Lard Ass Land.

I started caring
about my hair-
my skin, my clothes
and underwear.

I wanted to look good
Inside and out-
"I can do it!" I said-
Without a doubt...

Some days were hard-
some nights were scary-
'Cause I'd be visited
by the donut fairies.
But I'd close my eyes
And ignore all them-
My mission was set-
I must find thin!

The scale weighed heavy-
the scale weighed light-
The scale sailed across the room
like a kite.
I was angry one day
and happy the next-
But still tried to focus-
to succeed at this test.

I know I'll never be
An-ge-li-na Jo-lie.

Or never have a belly
like Valerie Bertinelli.

But I will be
the best that I can-
I'll finish this journey
And love who I am!

One hundred days-
And one hundred to go-
Yes! We can do it!
And soon it will show!

Hold my hand-
Let's keep on movin'-
Loving our journey-
and smiling and groovin'.

For we'll wake up someday
With a very proud grin
And look in the mirror-
"I have FOUND THIN!"


Thanks to all of you who
have followed my blog for these
hundred days.
Sometimes I'm not sure how
to motivate
and entertain you all,
but I'm hanging in for
the duration.
I hope you are, too.

May your success be sweet
and the future be bright.
See you tomorrow!

Happy 100 Day Anniversary!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Invite Trouble

I am so proud of myself
that I did not eat even
one single chocolate bunny
all weekend!

Of course, the kids weren't here
and I didn't get them baskets,
so there weren't any
cocoa covered rabbits
hopping around the house
to even tempt me.

That's the secret to a successful diet.
Don't bring it into the house.
Don't even buy it at all.

I've had problems in the past
by convincing myself
that if I buy a dozen donuts,
I'll just eat one
and let the kids
consume the rest.

Never happens.

There is always that last donut
(or two)
that catches your eye
when you go to fill
your coffee cup
or visit the kitchen
to grab another bowl
of wheat germ.

Wheat Germ?
Wheat Germ?
Which should I choose?

I can tell you, nine times out of ten
the donut always speaks the loudest.

That's a weird thing about food.
It talks.
The bad thing is,
that unhealthy foods
have survived by learning
to speak louder,
be more convincing,
and are just naturally more

I have never once
gone into the kitchen
and heard the prunes
talking to me.
Or the oatmeal
or the spinach.

It's always the sweet,
the gooey,
the iced, frosted,
and surgary foods
that speak my kind of

That's why,
you simply cannot
invite them into your life!
They're no good for you.
They'll just bring you down
and ruin your relationship
with the healthy food group.

More than one donut
or cookie
or piece of cake
is a gang!
A notorious-
conniving gang!
And no good will come of
your association with it.

So, I've learned the hard way
and hope you'll heed my warning.

Stay out of the Dunkin' Donut hood-
The life you save
may be your own.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Frugal Failures

I'm always on the look out
for any type of device
or plan
or cool invention
that will make dieting
a little easier.

Be it a grapefruit knife,
a salad spinner,
or a special tea,
I gravitate toward
the claim that it
could dramatically change
the way I eat.

The May issue of Family Circle
had a short article about
a new diet accessory.
Called A-Wrist-A-Trac,
this fashionable weight loss tool
is a cinch to use.

It consists of 30 bracelets
of various colors.
Each color represents
a food group.
Pink for fruit,
green for vegetables,
...and so forth.

You start out with the bracelets
on your left arm
and as you eat specific foods,
you move the color-coded bracelet
to your right wrist.

Eat an apple-
move a pink bracelet
to the other side.
Do this until the bracelets
are all on the opposite arm.

If you have a green one left
over at dinner,
grab a salad to fulfill
your daily portions.

Creator Kathleen Healey
claims that it is
"a food diary right on your arm.".
You can find it at
for about $20.

Well, not only am I an explorer of diet aids,
I am also a very frugal gal-
and until I'm sure something
is going to work,
I hate spending too much money.

Twenty dollars would buy
a lot of lettuce-
or gasoline.
So, I thought I would improvise
and create my own version
of the A-Wrist-A-Trac.

So, I went to the dollar store
and bought 30 candy bracelets.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Get To Hoppin'

Easter is only days away
and, unfortunately-
so is chocolate temptation.

According to statistics,
120 million pounds
of candy will be purchased
for Easter.
That equals approximately
$500 million dollars.

Seventy percent of that
will be chocolate-
which consists of
ninety million chocolate bunnies.

Seventy-six percent of people
eat the bunny's ears first.
( I usually inhale the entire body
at once, so I really wouldn't know...)

Sixty-one million dozen eggs
are also sold for the upcoming holiday.
(Whoever thought of that messy
tradition of dye and vinegar
for children- should be shot).

I've always had a hankering for
Cadbury Eggs.
One website states that
these creamy delights
are around 172 calories each.
In years past, I was buying and
eating them by the dozen!
That's over 2000 calories
for one late night compulsion!

Not to mention the delicious ham
I would also consume.
Easter wouldn't be the same
without a juicy slice of pork product.

But this year I will
certainly eat in moderation
and make sure that
there is no chocolate temptation
anywhere around.

That said-
we should not hit another
stumbling block in the road
until Memorial Day weekend
when the picnic stuff starts.

That gives us all six weeks
to renew our dedication
to our diets
and realign our goals.

Tuesday will be half-way
through our journey.

Don't let a single Easter bunny
blind you from your mission.

Let's buckle up now
and get serious.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Victory for Valerie- Encouragement For Us

I'm back from taking a few days
off to play nurse.

In those few days, I've come to
realize that writing -
and this computer surfing
is a giant aid in helping me
think less about eating.

I did pretty well, I guess
but lately, I've had a tendency to slip.
You think that after this many days
I'd be used to the routine,
but I don't think that ever
really happens.

Even Valerie says so.

Yes, I read the article in People
Magazine where Valerie Bertinelli
talks about her weight loss.
At 175 pounds, she was miserable.
Now at less than 130, she is
the envy of every out-of-shape
middle aged woman-
and eye-candy for every
middle-aged man.

But, we all have to realize
that access to the gym,
healthy food choices
and a personal trainer
helped Valerie achieve
her goal quicker.

I tell myself that a few
sit-ups in the afternoon
will do wonders.
IF I just would do them!

My husband says to put an M&M
between each toe
and that would get me
at least eight sit-ups!

What a funny, funny guy he is.

But back to Valerie-
even though she has lost
her weight,
she said she realizes that
she is always just
a jalapeno popper away
from being 175 again.

I hear you, Valerie.
I feel your pain.

But we all need to think
of our journey this way:
We are only skinless chicken breasts
and carrot sticks
and fresh fruit
away from being
"eye candy".

Let's go, girls!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Thinking Arby's

Top Ten Things I Wanted To Eat
Before I Started My Diet...
But didn't.

10. Pecan pancakes from Cracker Barrel
with a side of smokey bacon and a steaming
mug of fresh coffee.

9. A giant bowl of Chicken Pot Pie soup
from 54th Street Diner with warm-from-the-oven
soft brown bread and slathered honey butter.

8. A double order of six-layer lasagna from
Fazoli's. Complete with two garlic-butter-drenched
bread sticks.

7. KFC's honey bbq boneless wings. Dipped in ranch
sauce and honey mustard at the same time,

6. Tender pork ribs smoked slowly on the grill
and marinated in a secret concoction of beer
and Jack Daniel's bottled sauce- brown sugar
and some spices.

5. Any deep dish pizza with a thick layer of
everything-topping and crust so yummy you can fold
it in half and attack it like a taco.

4. A genuine cheesecake. It wouldn't even have to
be cherry or chocolate turtle or strawberry swirl.
Just big and dense and packed with goodness.

3. A mess of jalapeno poppers, blooming onions,
artichoke dip and mozzarella sticks.

2. A gigantic cream horn from Farm Fresh
that is big around as my arm and has enough
fluff in it to paint the porch with,

1.A super thick slice of garlic bologna-
gently fried to perfection, layered on soft white bread
with a melty chunk of Velveeta cheese.

I have days like that.
Nightmares, really.

Looking back on the things I once ate
on a regular basis repulses me now.

Sure, one of those ten treats
now and then
won't stop you from reaching your goals.

We just can't let their memory own us.
We can't let their false sense of comfort
lead us astray.

I could just as easily name
the top ten delicious diet things
that I crave.

Number ten is....


I lied.

But let's be honest.
We are all going to be haunted
by our past loves.

Live in today.
Live for tomorrow.

When cravings start,
just be brave.
Grab an apple and go for a walk.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

I missed Valerie Bertinelli
on Oprah yesterday.
She was supposed to be showing off
her great new bikini body.

Heck- I'd show it off, too.
She's what? Forty-something?

I quit wearing bathing suits
at thirty-something.

There was something just not right
about exposing the world
to curdled cellulite,
purple spider veins
and rolls of mole-y white skin.
The world just wasn't ready for it.

I suppose that is one thing that has
never been part of my big dream.
I don't vision myself in a swim suit-
I don't aspire to go to the beach
in a bikini someday.
I'm past that.

My dream is to get into
a great pair of jeans
and a great fitted top
and be comfortable
and confident.

(Plus, to find a good hairstyle
and shoes that fit
and a bra whose wires
don't strangle me.)

And a nice purse.

And a versatile jacket.

And cool pajamas.

Yes, I suppose you can say
I want it all.
Except for the bathing suit part.

The last suit I had
was a giant moo-moo looking garb
that my sister bought me
so that we could get in the river
during our camping trips.

Other than the fact that
we looked like twin hippos out there,
the neon pink and green fabric
was only a flashing sign to
everyone that said:
"Hey, look at us- we are giant old ladies in swim suits.
With attached skirts.
And we can't even swim!"

I say let Valerie have her day in the sun.

I'll spend mine
window-shopping for skinny clothes.
Ain't it gonna be great?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Be Foolish

Just a quick note to let you all know
that this is not a holiday.

April Fool's Day is not an excuse
to break out the double fudge
cookies and cheeseburger pie.

Instead it is a day
to be more aware
and stay away from such foolishness.

We've come too far.

Look behind you.
The winter days are almost gone.
Melted like the snow.

So is that difficult beginning-
the day we all set out
on this journey.
The nights our bellies growled-
the weeks the scale never moved-
the days that temptation
sat upon our shoulders
and whispered unwise things to us.

Don't be a fool.
Don't backslide.
Don't give up.

Even if the weight loss
isn't dramatic,
you have become a better person-
not just a a dreamer-
but a doer-
someone who knows it can be done.
That anything is possible.

Those three months
haven't really disappeared.
They have saturated our hearts
and made us stronger.
Made us ready
for the next hundred days or more.

It's time for wisdom.
For cracking down
and trying harder.

Don't be an April Fool.

Be a winner.