Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sniff This!

If you've ever passed
a Burger King during lunchtime
or drove by a steak house
in the evening,
you know how the
sense of smell
can make you hungry.

In fact, there is
scientific proof
that smell
has a direct correlation
to your diet and weight.

We tend to think of
as bath oil beads
and scented candles,
but aromatherapy
has also been utilized
by doctors,
and psychologists.

You would naturally think
that if you lost your sense
of smell, that you
wouldn't eat as much.


One known fact
of the studies is that
people who lose their
sense of smell-
(called anosmia)-
actually gain weight.

The doctors explain this by
saying that with no smell,
the brain is tricked into
thinking that it
hasn't eaten yet.

There are aroma pens
that you can purchase
to help you lose weight.
Just sniff them regularly
and your brain thinks
it has already eaten.
Thus, making you feel full
when you really aren't.

I had a hard time finding
a place to purchase them online,
but I read somewhere
that a set of three
cost about $50.

I just can't see myself
sniffing a giant
chocolate pen
and my brain instantly
making me think
that I don't need that
candy bar-
or that I already ate one!

I think in this case,
the nose needs to be
talking to the belly.

My belly can't smell.
But it sure can growl!


sisterlinda said...

I believe that smell has a LOT to do with how MUCH we eat! Have you not noticed that when something smells so, so, good that we pile up our plates? That we really chow down? If something doesn't smell good we just pass it up. Maybe that is the trick for overeating. Make if that pasta, steak, chili, etc all smelled like crap....I know myself I would be passing on that dish!

Maybe we should come up with some type of instant-spray-on-crap for those fattening foods....hey, it would work for me!