Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Not Impossible

Face it, there are days
when you just can't see the future.
When it seems you'll
never even get close to your goal.
Days when you're tired
of trying to lose that last
ten or twenty pounds-
(or the first two!).

people do it everyday!

You aren't so different.
All it takes is the
will to try.
And the strength to
follow through.

Take for example
the story of David Smith
who lost 400 pounds!
I bet he thought it was
an impossible dream.

But look at him now!

He is now a personal trainer.

What do YOU want to be?


sisterlinda said...

We ALL know that it is POSSIBLE! We just have to have patience and follow a healthy lifestyle. If you all know me, patience is not something that I have been given a whole lot of!

I mowed the yard yesterday and I can barely walk this morning. I won't give up cause the grass will grow again and I will be back out to mow it down. Sure, I feel like crap this morning but it was a good day of exercise....something that I need.

In a few weeks the finale to "Biggest Loser" will take place. This was a season of couples that were the BIGGEST people to take part in the show. It will be amazing to see what these couples look like.

YES, we can ALL do it! Just gotta find that patience thing somewhere...

LIBBY Crawford Tucker said...

you are right!! it can and does happen every church has lost 20,000 pounds...