Friday, July 31, 2009

Fixing Fat

Well, the past week
has not been any easier than
the 200 days that came before it.

I'm still struggling,
but I do feel more aware
of my food choices.
I'm making an extra effort
to avoid sweets
and pastas
and I'm pushing myself a little
harder at Curves.

My oldest daughter has always
worn larger sizes than me,
but yesterday I accompanied her
into the dressing room
while she shopped for new jeans.

Her newly shaped body looked

And I couldn't help but notice
that frumpy fat woman
in the mirror
who looked old and worn
and teetering on
the point of no return.

I tried to comfort myself
by reaffirming the fact that
you can't fix "old".

But you can fix "fat".

that is just what I'm
going to continue
trying to do.

I'll be back here the first of
hopefully with a better attitude
and a spark of hope.

Keep it up, girls.

It will all be worth it
in the end.


sisterlinda said...

That old fat lady stares at me in MY mirror too! I look at her and wonder what the hell I am gonna do about it....I gotta do somethin!

No we sure can't fix old...maybe a little makeup will hide some of the wrinkles....but FAT? There is no hiding it! Gotta get rid of it...a fat butt is a fat butt, no matter what ya do to try and hide it!

I too will keep on tryin. We can do it Sis!

hostagirl said...

Rae, I will be with you every step of you journey supporting you any way I can...your sister linda too! Have a great August and remember to love yourself first. Gail

Anonymous said...

Fixing fat is such a pain in the tush!! But, as many, I MUST begin again. So, as we go through August, we will be strong and ready for September and the modifications for us all! Onward and upward, huh?...Have a beautiful weekend..