Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have Fun!

Whatever you do for the holidays-
do it fun!

And-( I guess I'm not such a
good motivator)-
if it means a slice of cake
or a good stiff drink-
then, by all means-

Just remember to do it
all in moderation.
And don't forget that our
trip of 200 days
will be closing soon
and the results
are on your own conscious.

Tell your family how much you
love them this weekend.
Make plans for more get togethers.
Take lots of pictures.

Someday you'll be glad you did.

And like I always tell my kids-
Be safe, but have fun!

See you back here on Monday!


sisterlinda said...

Yep, we are gonna have fun PLUS a slice of cake and a few margaritas! We will promise to keep things in moderation then climb back on that diet wagon come Monday morning!

You know.... we can just laugh the calories off!

Looking forward to a fun filled 4th of July weekend!

kelli said...

Amen! Have a great Independence Day!