Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello...It's Me

The year winds down
to a thin silhouette-
and sadly, I haven't.

I'm no better off than I was
last January when I
truly believed that
the weight would
melt like the snow.

I'm a hibernating bear.
A fat cocoon.
A menopausal mama
with multiple chins.

I have told myself
that I will try
a small scale goal.

No sweets till Thanksgiving day.

So- goodbye Halloween candy,
cupcakes and goodies.

I must do this thing!!
I'm losing a part of myself
under this garbage.

I want to be me again.


sisterlinda said...

We will make it! Just gotta take it step by step. Baby steps. Look out white trash party...gonna be some babes there...and some of us just might be lookin for a man!

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Yes,,,,my promises have come back and landed upon my thighs, actually!! I have those vows to myself, sometimes...Like, salad and feeling great, then at midnight, a cheese sandwich, with maybe a cookie, and ummmmm that last piece of pizza can be zapped in the micro...*big sigh*...I am feelin' the same way, Rae...