Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Day Is a Winding Road

I just want to tell you this morning
that it's a good thing
I don't have to type with my legs
because I wouldn't be blogging today.

Friday I took my first spring walk.

Oh, I was feeling frisky and
up to the challenge.
The air was warm,
the birds were singing,
the time for exercise just seemed right.
I looked down the road
and confidently agreed
I was ready for a stroll.

My son and his girlfriend
-and our dogs in tow-
all set out on the sidewalk
and onto a nice paved bike trail.
Everything was suddenly green
and I lovingly inhaled the fresh air.

I immediately had a
fit and trim feeling-
a sassy kick to my stride-
a smug "Look at me- I'm walking"
silent sort of pride.

"How much further?" I asked,
easily maneuvering the first
block or so.

They laughed.

I couldn't.

I was already winded.

"Could you take the leash?" I pleaded
with my son, handing off my dog to him.
"I can hardly walk myself, much less
this stupid dog," I snapped between breaths.

There they were-
the two of them ahead of me
about ten paces.
Their muscular legs
and firm buttocks
and that
"I could run a marathon" attitude.

"You know," I reminded them-
"I have to be able to get back, too.
Unless you want to run and
get the car, we better turn around."

They laughed.

I couldn't.

Laughing takes air
and my lungs couldn't catch any.

But they pushed me.
All the way back to the house
where I wheezed myself
to the couch and became
semi-comatose for the next hour.

My legs hurt today.
My feet still throb a little.

But everything in life
has a beginning and an end.

This was the beginning
of the new me.
The fit and healthy me.
The me with fresh habits.

Who knows?
Someday I might even have that
"I could run a marathon" attitude.

maybe all the way around the block
at least!


sisterlinda said...

Good for you! Walking is a great way to lose inches and weight. A walk is also better when we have someone to walk with. I know you will keep up the good work. I wish I were closer so we could walk each morning....we may not be able to speak, while walking, but we could chat up a storm after we were finished and collapsed on the couch!

Those baby steps will get better each time you take them, the pain less, the breathing easier and maybe someday you can write this blog with your legs!