Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Okay, okay-enough about bodily functions, already!

Today we are going to touch on body image.
How you feel about your body
goes a long way in determining just how
other people see you.

Are you positive when you walk into a room?
Do you smile and hold your head up?

Or do you become stressed-
immediately self-conscious about your belly
or your butt?

I have seen lots of bigger women
who wear sleeveless tops,
tuck in their shirts and belt their
wide waistlines.
But you know what?

They look good because they are smiling.
Because their hair is stylish,
their clothes are hip,
and because their attitude says
"I feel good about myself".

I think it all boils down to loving yourself.

So many of us don't.
We're disgusted and disillusioned
and it shows in our furrowed face
and our weary posture.

I get so sick of those magazines
that constantly remind us
that we each have a certain body shape.
Over and over and over again-
every month or two-
these magazines will tell you
how to dress, what to wear,
and even how to wear your hair and makeup.

Plus- what idiot named all the
body shapes after food?
The pear, the apple, the lollipop....

Well, I'm not a psychologist,
but, please, People!
What kind of garbage is that?

Wear what makes you feel good.
Buy clothes that make you feel beautiful.
Put on whatever makes you
comfortable and confident.
It comes through
and people can sense it.

Just because you're fat
doesn't mean you aren't attractive.

But don't roll around like a slob
and feel sorry for yourself.

Take charge.
Love yourself.
And the future will unfold
before you know it.
There is so much to enjoy
and look forward to.

Don't put life on hold
just because you're on a diet.
Live Large-
at least until you can...
Find Thin


kelli said...

Amen to that!!!

sisterlinda said...

A good example was our sister Barb. Even though she was barely 5 foot tall and very overweight, she enjoyed her clothing. She wore short sleeves, sandals and some of the brightest and wildest pants you could imagine. She always looked bright and cheerful...just like her personality. I believe that she held her head high when she walked in a room.

I dress for comfort. Maybe someday, if and when I ever lose this weight, I will dress with style and have more confidence in myself.

My favorite post diet outfit would be a tee shirt with a pair of capri tummy bulge! Tan legs and flip flops. Good thing we can always dream!