Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power Panties

Until we all lose our extra pounds,
there are creative ways to disguise
what falls out, flops,
jiggles or rolls.

One such item
is the very popular Spanx.

Praised as an innovative
"power panty",
these undergarments
can shape, smooth,
and slim like magic.

Supposedly they can
make you look 2 to 10 pounds
But get ready to shell out
$20 to $40 dollars.

And be ready to feel
like a giant rubber band.
Spanx are nothing more
than a glorified girdle.

I haven't tried them myself,
but my daughter wears a
cheap knock-off of the product and
it does wonders for her "muffin top".

I decided to check out the Spanx
website and was relieved that the
shapers were available in Plus Sizes.

Clicking on a photo of big sizes
gave me a wonderful feeling!
Maybe these Spanx people
have something here.
Perhaps there is hope!

The following is a photo for the Plus Size:

Good grief!
If they do that good a job
on a plus-size model-
I'd give a thousand
dollars a pair!


sisterlinda said...

Heck, I would take one in every color!

Now, if we could just do something about our hair without having to wear a hot wig!

kelli said...

Right after I had the little guy, I invested in a head-to-toe (ok...shoulders to knees) pair of Spanx. They were pricey but oh so worth it to be able to SQUEEZE into pants. I'm a big fan!! :)