Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Success Story #1

Just thought I'd share
a little note I received today.

Dear Rae,
I just hoff to tell you how perfectly
vondervul I veel since reading
your blog.
Yor inspiration haus
made me find thin!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

And he enclosed a photograph:


sisterlinda said...

Vel, yo did not have me fooled!

Wouldn't that just be a great transformation? I would just like to take my body back to the 70's and know what I know now! To go back and eat more healthy foods, exercise and be in constant watch of the scale. Dieting is NOT fun!

We got ourselves into this diet journey by not making the right choices. We cannot turn back the clock....we can only keep moving forward and make better choices.

It is amazing how much better we feel even with a 10 pound weight loss....can you just imagine what we are gonna feel like when we are finished?

It took me 37 years to get this way...I just hope it doesn't take me that long to get back to the "original" body. Don't think I have time for that!