Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All You Need Is Love- (And a Good Diet Plan)

Some experts say that in order to diet successfully, that you must do one thing first and you must do it well. You must love yourself.

Well, duh!

I definitely love myself. Why else would I have hidden extra candy bars from the grand kids, forsaken buying new dish towels for the thrill of a $12 cheesecake, or rolled myself up into a chair and eaten a whole can of salted cashews?

I think what we must do is learn to love ourselves in a different way. We need to learn to respect ourselves. To see our worth. To illuminate the positive things about ourselves and show them to the world.
No, I'm not talking cleavage here! (Although if you have it- why not flaunt it?)

I think we have to see ourselves as thin even though we are..well..FAT!
We must pick up our feet and walk proudly. Hold our head up and be certain without a doubt that we are special in some way. We must try to be graceful, even greatful- with a twist of sophistication and confidence. (Not cockiness.)

You must love yourselves enough to know that it's time to stop the food hording- the midnight binges- the unhealthy preoccupation with certain foods. You must love yourself enough to want to see yourself in smaller sizes, cuter choices, better bodies.
You must love the new you that isn't even here yet.

You must have vision.
Because you do have promise.
Why else would you be on this journey?


sisterlinda said...

I too have loved myself SO much, in the past, that I gave this body a few extra layers to keep me warm in the winter months. Real kind of me!

I am looking forward to continuing on this journey of ours. To TRUELY love myself, my body, my mind and my spirit.

I can't say that I love my cereal each morning, my tuna at lunch or my well balanced meal at dinner BUT I sure as heck am gonna LOVE the results!