Monday, January 19, 2009

I See Skinny People

One thing about going on a diet is that suddenly you start to notice skinny people. The way they wear their hair, their fashion sense, what food they are buying at the grocery or what they are eating in a restaurant.

I guess maybe it's because we hope to be there soon- in their shoes-enjoying the life of "little people"... (and we're not talking midgets here!)

What is new and cool in the world of "little"? Besides "skinny jeans" and thongs? Well, I've seen skin tight turtle necks, sweet little Ugg boots, cute furry hats, and giant purses.

Fat women just don't look quite right in any of those things. Of course, that's just my opinion.

A fat woman in a turtle neck looks like a turtle-(A Galapagos turtle). The boots would make her look shorter and more masculine. The furry hat could cause her to be mistaken for a bear, and the giant purse- well- I am sure that there are insensitive people who would assume it was full of candy bars or hamburgers.

That's why I am paying special attention to what I wear.

I can't afford to be gunned down in Wal Mart parking lot because of my choice of head wear or be accosted by a starving dog wanting to ravage my purse.

Yet, I am confident that soon I will be having a complete freedom of choice when it comes to clothing and fashion.

That's a privilege only little people get.

Speaking of little people, my "little" sister called the other day after she went shopping for
new jeans. She found a great pair on sale and said she might possibly fit into a size 8.

I went numb for a moment- trying to soak in the fact that she is actually related to me and always looks thin and hip. Her hair is perfect, her shoes always match the belt, her fitted blouses always hugging the right places, and her bud-donk-i-donk is only a bid-dink-i-dink.

If I didn't love her so much I would hate her!

But she did go on to tell me that she realized she was out of shape. (See- even the little people have problems! Yeah!) It seems her electric toothbrush batteries went dead so she had to brush manually. Her arms were sore all day!

I actually felt sorry for her. Then I went into the bathroom and dumped my batteries-( just to help firm my wing flaps a little sooner).

Let me just say this...
We don't have to aspire to be like the "little" people. We should always and foremost be ourselves. We are unique and extraordinary in our own way. And if we do change, it will be because we want to. It will be because we made the choice to have more choices. If we set our goal to be thin, it will be for a thousand reasons- and all of them will be the right reason.

So, when you finally reach your goal, pick out a cute hat.
You never know how many fat women may be watching you!


sisterlinda said...

You know that when Dorothy. set out on HER journey, there were "little people" at the end.

Hey, we are gonna join that group at the end of this 200 day journey.

We can be proud to be Little People!