Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream...

...that someday soon my "skinny" jeans will fit. (And they'll be loose!)

...that I will live longer because of my new food choices. And dance at my granddaughter's wedding. (She's 8).

...that I will no longer pass up Victoria's Secret when visiting the mall.

...that walking a couple of miles a day will be easy. (And fun!)

...that pizza will disgust me.

...that my children will compliment my success.

...that my dog will finally follow my lead and quit eating so much.

...that my husband and I will walk together on a warm, sandy beach. (In shorts!)

...that my fridge and freezer and pantry will never again house forbidden foods.

...that my sisters and I will be told that we "look amazing!"

...that Linda will play the banjo.( I'll tell you about it later).

...that I'll finally find a hairstyle that I can live with.

...that my jean size will be the same as my shoe size.

...that buying underwear will be fun.

...that no one will be able to convince me to eat dessert.

I have a dream that this journey will be life-changing. That these steps we take today will be strides toward our future- securing a part of our youth and extending our lives beyond the borders that obesity created for us.

I have a dream that my children will have the same dream- that they will make choices that prolong their happiness- that will allow them to participate in any endeavor. That their weight or their health will never hold them back from pursuing their future.

I have a dream that these daily steps forward will cause my life to go backwards. That I will feel younger and look younger- and somehow capture that fleeting sweetness in life that we so often ignore. I want to revive romance in my marriage- (lust whenever possible)- and love, love, love, till our days are done.

I have a dream that I will soon look into the giant mirrors at J.C. Penny's and not frown. That I will smile at my reflection. That I will be satisfied and at peace with my body.

I have a dream that I will run again. And not that sloppy hippo-looking skip through the rain to pay for gasoline. But a graceful, muscular leap- (like a butterfly on steroids).

I have a dream for all of you -that the end of these 200 days will only be a beginning. That your lives and those lives that you touch -will be saturated with happier days and incredible new journeys.

There is no better time than now.


sisterlinda said...

Can a copy and use your dreams? There are so many that are the things I dream about.

I want to feel good in this body and look good too!

So, let's keep on dreaming and wishing and hoping on the rest of this journey, and beyond.