Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Means STOP

I have to say that so far I've done really well with this diet journey. I am perfectly satisfied with the numbers, although I do wish I would deflate sooner.
I want it to happen today- tomorrow- some time within the next week. But, that's just being greedy and unreasonable.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, you know. Actually it took about 800 years.
Sorry, but I don't have that long.
Two hundred days is gonna have to do it for me.
(Or at least get a good foundation built!)

The problem with the wait- the string of days that test your willpower- is that you never know what obstacles are going to be presented to you. There is always someone- something- out there that will cause you to trip...

I was minding my business the other day.
I was simply doing a little shopping at Wal Mart - sticking closely to the produce and health food sections- holding my breath as I passed the bakery and deli- proud of myself that this time I didn't even take a detour to survey of the chip choices.

But suddenly- right smack dab in the middle of the store- between the dill pickle and soup aisles-I caught a flash of something red.
Red and heart shaped.

And then a huge double row of rose, pink, and magenta chocolate boxes appeared before me like a fat lady's nightmare.
There was no warning- no neon signs that said "Keep Away!", "Stop", "Go Back and Don't Look Here You Idiot Woman!"

So, I was caught unaware- saliva pooling in my throat like a cat stalking a mouse-my eyeballs bulging and my heart racing till I thought I might lose consciousness.
I could smell the chocolate.
I could feel the love...

But what kind of diet blogger would I be if I let Wal Mart deviate me from my goal?
What sort of person would I be to let Valentines Day ruin my entire journey?
How could I possibly look at myself in the mirror again if I went over to the "dark side"?

I quickly composed myself, made a U-Turn, and pulled out of that dreamy heart-shaped horror. Once I got back into the rice cake aisle, I could breathe again.
Stand tall.
Beam with pride that I stood my ground- that my wish to find thin was stronger than my wish for temporary, gluttony satisfaction.

Be on guard.
Never let your defenses down.
Predict the next turn, the blind spot in the mirror of life-
Be ready and willing to jump, stoop, run, and ignore the forces that weaken your resolve.

It will all be worth it soon.


sisterlinda said...

Good For You! I myself, steer clear of the fresh baked donuts at WalMart. I guess I will just have to enjoy the smell, and NOT the taste.

They say that one cupcake or donut never made a person's the whole dozen that will do it!

SO, onward we march.....