Friday, January 30, 2009

No Excuses, No Regrets

I've always been a dreamer.

I can't begin to count the times that I would lay awake in bed and night and tell myself that tomorrow would be the day.
...That I would awaken to a stream of bright sunlight and be exalted to Diet Heaven.
...That I would instantly be a calorie conscious angel- with no cravings, or cheating, or impassioned chocolate dreams.
...That I would get up and get on with it.
...That my body fat would melt away like rancid lard
until all that was left was solid muscle...
(and great boobs).

But I have always been the Queen of Excuses, too.

There's no way I could possibly start my diet until Monday.
Or until I finished off the two cartons of Cadbury Eggs and the five pounds of frozen buffalo wings that called my name in ten second intervals.
Nope, can't do it today- I've got half a cheesecake left, my kids are stressing me out, I don't feel good, and life's too short not to inhale a double order of chili fries.

Of course, the New Year always seemed promising at first- Making resolutions, tossing out bad habits, turning over leaves and burning bridges and all that other stuff that people who have control can manage quite easily.
But that's just it. I was out of control.

New Year's Day was always definitely out as a starting place.
I like my margaritas.
I could almost see myself swell up like a puff fish with alcohol and sodium.
Not to mention the vast array of sneaky snacks that attached themselves like cellulite leeches to my torso.

February was out, too.
How could I possibly diet on Groundhog Day?

And then came the all-dreadful Valentines Day. I used to keep the empty heart shaped candy boxes my husband gave me, just so I could sniff the lid once in awhile and get a chocolate high.

Then there's St. Patrick's Day in March. (Green beer and Irish Stew).
April :Easter. (Those deliciously evil chocolate eggs again !)
May: Memorial Day (grilled cheeseburgers, butter lathered roasting ears, that cute red, white and blue patriotic Jello cake).
June: Flag Day (?? I always thought of something!)
July: Independence Day (Brats as big as my arm and chip dip out of this world).
August: Uhhhh....For those of you who don't know- it happens to actually be National Picnic Month. (Fried chicken, baby!)
September: Of course- the good-ol food-laden Labor Day weekend! (Cold beer, barbecue, and pie!)
October: Halloween (Candy everywhere!)
November: Thanksgiving ( Well, you can imagine the whole spread without my help).
December: Christmas (Cookies, cakes, and every possible treat before the New Year starts).

But this time it's different.
No, I'm not an angel yet.
I am still drawn toward the foods that aren't the best choices, but I study them a long, long time before I do something I'll regret. It always helps me to go away and busy myself for thirty minutes or so or look at weight loss success stories on YouTube.
Then, go back to the kitchen - look at that Danish roll -and spit on it!

I can't make excuses anymore.
I can't try to justify eating binges or extra helpings.
I can't keep dreaming that it will all happen overnight.

Because, you know, it is a journey.
Every single day there's a twist in the road or rain pouring down.
But let strength be your umbrella.
Let your heart be your guide.

Get up and get on with it!
Let no excuses keep you
from your heaven.


sisterlinda said...

I have traveled that excuse path for the past 4 years! ALWAYS an excuse. I could have 1/2 a dozen excuses, right now.....I am snowed in, I am trying to raise a teenager, the price of diet food is not in my budget, my husband is getting ready to go to China, I have an 18 month old here most of the time... BUT I will pull up these big girl panties, and contiue on this journey!

Let's try not to let the everyday trials, get in our way, to becoming healthier.....NO MORE EXCUSES and JUST SAY NO!

Mama Jewel said...

Sorry to hear we are all struggling! I've done pretty good so far...I know I will have your help at the wedding reception tomorrow night...Make sure we all sit together and keep and eye on each other! Dreading Sunday's Superbowl Party at the Elks. Free food (hot wings, dips, chips, BBQ name it!) It's free remember...except if I eat it, I'll be in "chains" again ...pray a lot! A whole lot!
Love you guys, Sister Jewel

hostagirl said...

My excuses are keeping me from lot's of things...a healthy life, a fun active life, a comfortable body to be in during this life. So this new journey is very exciting because the only excuses anyone will ever hear from me is ones I use when I tell them "No Thanks, I dont want any "****" because they aren't healthy for me." Wow, that's a awesome change of life for me. Thanks again for you down to earth inspiration,