Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Steps

I'm laying some basic ground rules for this blog. I assume that anyone reading this is either curious how much I really weigh or are actually trying to lose weight themselves. We will all be on different kinds of diets. We all have different amounts to lose. We will all go about the process in our own method.

But the way we are connected- the common thread that weaves around us- is that at least we are trying.

I won't tell you my weight, my goal, my progress.
I will merely let you know if I've had a bad day, a good week, a step forward or a slip backwards. I will be truthful in every way. I'll share what works for me. I'll cry on your shoulders and celebrate your baby steps. We are in this together.

Day One went smoothly for me.
Hope yours did, too.

Yee Haw! Only 199 to go!


sisterlinda said...

They say that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and I am sure waiting for better health AND a better body!

It took me 4 years to get to this point (last diet that was successful was 2005) so I don't expect to get to the finish line until this journey has ended....or maybe a little longer.

I will TRY to remember that it is going to take time and also remember that it will be well worth it! Just 200 days out of my life, to change....hopefully this time forever!

kelli said...

What a difference a day makes! A trip to the gym, counting points, and the world looks a bit different in the morning! Looking forward to taking this big ol' journey with you :)

Mama Jewel said...

I'm so thankful for your blog and our going on this journey together! We are all afraid of screwing up and never feeling good again about ourselves. Day 1 was easy for me, I was sick all night and all day yesterday...lost a lot of water weight I'm sure. Stayed home again today...a cup of soup for lunch. Back to work tomorrow and the struggle will really you all so much..Thanks again for the boost!