Thursday, January 15, 2009

And We Will Dance Again

I took a break from the computer this morning. My laundry room had reached the point of no return. I had to take some time to do a little organizing. While I was at it, I straightened the pantry.
My, what fattening garbage I was buying two weeks ago! And like a good dieter- I threw it all out. No need tempting the tempted.

My sister Jewel even called this morning when she discovered there was no blog entry. She claims she was checking to see if I was sick or something. Yeah, right...In all reality, she was checking to see if I had fallen off the wagon.

No, I am proud to say I'm still on the straight and narrow. I have maintained a healthy focus and now I am almost repulsed at my old habits. It's almost embarrassing to think of the times I loaded my grocery cart down with billions of calories in anticipation of a "porking-out" weekend.

It is more difficult to lose weight in the winter. We all crave comfort foods. I have found that if I just keep busy doing other things, that I don't think about food as often. I read, clean drawers, work on some craft projects, interest myself in TV or a movie- take a long bath. I also brush my teeth frequently and use mouthwash so I am less tempted to taste something or snack between meals. And I write everything down in a notebook. That keeps me honest.

I looked up trips to Cancun on the internet the other day. Not that I plan on going or anything. But becoming thin again could make a great vacation possible. The freedom to move with ease- walk the beach- shop the stores- even play golf ...or dance! I haven't danced in ages. Of course, I was never that good.

But a thin woman dancing badly is better than a fat woman dancing perfectly. Don't you agree?

Our future stands before us on the hillside.
It's a mighty climb, but there are rewards along the way. At the end of the journey is a door to a new world- a new life- a new sort of peace, happiness, and self confidence.
But the doorway is narrow- we have to be thin to walk through it- we have to want it enough to be ready- to prepare- to want it so badly that it hurts.

Yes, it will hurt. Change always does.

So, for those inquiring minds- I am not sick and I am still on the right path.
And I want you to know that I am so thankful and happy that you are on on this wagon with me. Let's hold hands and make sure no one falls off.


Mama Jewel said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting again. Your blog helps me realize we are in this together. Even though I have 3 x's the weight to lose as you and Linda, I know how much better I'll feel in 190 days. I like the way you called them "steps" the other day, somehow it makes it seem easier. My Colorado friends are enjoying you site too. Going through the tunnel, Jewel

sisterlinda said...

I am still on the wagon with all of you. I am sure I will fall out, sometime, but I have the rest of you to pull me back on board and continue on our way.

Step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month....we are on our way to the thin side.

You all keep me on this wagon cause I don't want to change the line up in our sister know, largest to smallest...LOL! Actually it has always been oldest to youngest and maybe this year, when we are lined up, we can all snuggle a little closer and wear a bigger smile knowing we made it...together!