Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comfort and Joy

We had a snow storm last night. Funny how it took an act of nature to put this diet thing into better perspective.

Last year when the experts called for a winter storm watch, I was bundled up in a matter of seconds. I quickly stuffed myself under the steering wheel and headed to town, ready to stock up on necessities before the first flake fell.

But what I considered necessities then were: pecan pies, snack cakes, chips & dip, cheesy stuff, deep dish pizza, giant sticks of summer sausage, and other various calorie-laden treats. I couldn't wait to get back home and curl up on the couch under a blanket- smothering a plate of nachos with everything from the pantry- (and leaving room for a chunk or two of cheesecake). The bad weather gave me an excuse to pig out- to seek comfort and warmth in food.

Shame, shame, shame on me.

This year was different.
This time when I headed to town, I actually thought of real necessities- like batteries and candles and even new footie socks.
I wasn't so focused on the food part.

Yet, I made sure I had an ample supply of healthy meals so that we wouldn't be tempted to graze into Carry-Out Land.
Curling up with steaming tilapia, cooked cabbage, fresh peas and yellow squash last evening was just as filling as my old choices.
And the great thing about it is - I could look at myself in the mirror and not be ashamed.
I did my best.
I stuck to the plan.
I altered my life

Finding Thin will be like finding fun.
Maybe I'll have the energy to build a snowman,
to take a brisk walk amid the crystal covered trees-
shovel a nice wide walkway from the drive to the porch....

It's good to know there are no more excuses. No occasions to totally pig out.

There is only this journey filled with hope-
that leads through the snow storm
and into the summer sun.


sisterlinda said...

"Finding thin will be like finding fun"....I like that quote. Something for all of us to remember along our way.

I am ready for some fun!