Friday, January 23, 2009

Safe House

I'm kind of a home body.

Since this diet started, I haven't really been out of the house for a long enough period of time to get hungry.
I pick up groceries, get gas, and then run right back to the safety of my little diet house.
I know I'm safe here.
There are no sweets, no chips, no chocolate delights.
Here, I embrace my Boca Burgers and Special K.
And I keep out unwanted enticement.

But, my husband and I are going on a weekend trip. That means a car ride past every available restaurant in the world! And a hundred mini-marts, teeming with snack heaven. Signs shouting Pecan Logs! Deep Dish Pizza! ALL YOU CAN EAT!

I know the Cracker Barrels and Olive Gardens will try to seduce me.
I know I'll get those come-on looks from Burger King and Taco John.
I know I'll be thinking Arby's!

But, after my initial salivating, slobbering and sweating,
I'll be thinking of all of you.
Of how we have pulled together in a blogging militia to overcome the interference of unhealthy foods.
Of how we have fought and survived these past few weeks with an unfaltering resolve to finish this journey successful.
This blog bond is stronger than any TGIFriday's ever could be, and more comforting to my soul than angel food cake.

Besides, I'm just going to another little diet house just like mine.

It has warmth, companionship,
reckless bouts of laughter- (that's the part I like)-
and safe harbor.
Yes, I'm going to visit one of my sisters.
(No, no, no...NOT the one who wears size 8 jeans)!

But I'm going to see my best buddy Linda, who has saturated her veins with tuna fish and chicken and rode shotgun with me this entire trip.

Thanks, Linda. I love ya.
We can do this.


sisterlinda said...

I will not lead you into temptation.

I can't wait to visit. It will be strange not pigging out on cheese dips and pizzas! I will make sure we all stick to our guidelines of healthy eating.

See you see....less of you then when I saw you at the first of the month....less to hug.