Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Nothing But The Truth

Last night I watched in embarrassment as big-star wanna-bees stood on stage hoping to be the next American Idol. A few of them were obviously mentally challenged, but I considered the others. What made them so sure they could sing? Why would they risk going before those judges to squeak out scratchy, painful sounds that were awarded with a negative response? Some were even made fun of.

Somewhere along the line- in their lives- someone lied to them. Someone thought they were doing them a favor by telling them they had talent. That they could sing. And they began to believe it. Enough to make fools of themselves.

There were no favors done here. Those contestants may never aspire to do anything else but start a singing career. And continue to fail horribly.

That's why we should never tell lies.

Don't tell your best friend that they don't need to diet.
Don't convince your neighbor that size 24 jeans look good on them.
Don't tell your co-worker that an extra 50 pounds works for her.
Don't do it!

You don't have to be like Simon.
You don't have to come right out and say-
"You are fat."
There's no reason to be unfeeling or hateful.

Just steer them gently in a good direction.
Offer to walk with them for exercise or join the gym together.
Plan a lunch date with healthy menu choices.
Bring a great lo-cal dish into work.
Compliment their willpower.
Take your best friend "dream" shopping. Such as: ("Wouldn't it be cool to fit in these?"
"Or I will buy these when I can get into a smaller size.") She'll get the hint without being angry.

Family, friends, spouses, siblings- they all want to help- to make your life happy.
But here's some advice:
Don't lie to us.
Don't do us any "favors" by skirting the issue.
Don't let us embarrass ourselves by wearing lo-cut jeans or tops that accentuate our rolls.
Don't tell us we look good in those tight clothes.
Don't tell us that one donut won't hurt us.
Don't tell us we were probably meant to be big.
Don't make us live the rest of our lives thinking we are okay.
Because we're not.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Really, really look.
Are you comfortable? Agile? Breathing normally?
Do your clothes fit attractively? Is your skin healthy looking?
Can you touch your toes?

I know no one wants to hear the truth because it hurts.
But lies hurt worse.
We cannot continue pretending we aren't fat.

Do this thing. Take this journey. Be your best.
In the end, you will be the star of the show
and the master of your destiny.

So, I guess I've got double trouble.
I can't sing, either!


sisterlinda said...

I have always believed that my sisters looked nice...TRUTHFULLY! Youngest sister, always dressed in style and always looks perfect. You always look nice cause you cover up well...(HA Just kidding) and no matter what you think you are looks good to me! Oldest sister looks nice but I worry about her in those long sleeves in the summer! I guess I try to look nice but I dress in comfort. Tanks in summer with the turkey neck and bat wing arms (ugly sight)bright colors, white or printed capris (big as a barn butt)....I guess we all just have to have a little self confidence. We all need too take a chance on our wardrobes and we ALL could stand to lose a few pounds!

I promise I have always told the truth and nothing but the truth. I just wish those closest to me, like husband and children, would have stopped me before I became overweight, Maybe I would have had my feelings hurt but I would have done something about it!