Monday, January 26, 2009

Weight-Loss Weirdos

I thought that I had heard about every diet known to man. Even down to the apple cider vinegar deal, the cabbage soup system, and the banana diet. Well, this morning I read about a diet that tops all the freaky things that people do to become thin.

There are such people on this planet that call themselves "breatharians". They believe that food and water are not necessary to sustain life. They claim humans can live solely by the energy in sunlight.

That's it?
You mean we can do away with counting calories, points, and ounces? We can toss those measuring cups, scales, and 100 calorie snack packs? We can forget about the fiber and sugar substitutes and Olean? We can give up crappy diet food for pure sunshine?

Well, according to the Breatharian founder, Wiley Brooks, the process must be learned correctly.
You can't just go sit in a tanning booth and expect a miracle.

But what you can do is send Mr. Brooks twenty-five million dollars which allows you to participate in his empowered ascension initiation workshop. Here you will learn the basics of this program.

But folks, please don't run and grab your check book yet. Here's what his website also says:

Breatharian Institute Of America : The five magical 5th dimensional words.

1. Jot Niranjan
2. Omkar
3. Rarankar
4. Sohang
5. Sat Nam

Start meditating with these magic words for at least 30 minutes a day to begin with and increase your meditating time to 2 hours a day as soon as possible. Repeat them in the exact order that they are.

Do the meditation exersize before drinking lots of diet coke in the 20 oz and 1 liter sizes (with caffeine) in the plastic bottles only. Along with a double-quarter-pounder/with cheese meal at McDonald's only. Always meditate 30 mins to an hour before eating. Try to eat at least one meal a day for a while. Go back to my web site periodically to see if you can start to feel the magic after reading a few paragraphs.

What a nut case! In 1983 Wiley Brooks was was allegedly observed leaving a 7-Eleven with a Slurpee, hot dog and Twinkie.

Think I'll hold on to my twenty-five million. That would sure buy a lot of cabbage!

This story just goes to show that we can't rely on magic, fads, or dangerous drugs to help us lose weight. We know how it works. Eat less and exercise more. That's the only way to "Find Thin".

Hope you are all doing well and that you have a happy face while stepping on the scale today.


sisterlinda said...


We all have our own plan for weight loss. What will work for one, will not always work for others. Let's just all do our own thing and continue on this journey.

See you at the finish line!