Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ignoring The Dirty Dancing Doritos

My sister and I came up with the idea that whenever we felt the urge to eat, that we would pick up a book and start reading. Our theory was that most hunger pains are actually just boredom settling in the stomach area.

It's four days into the diet and I have already read encyclopedias A through F, War and Peace, The Holy Bible, and six Reader's Digest condensed volumes!

Yet, seriously.... I think reading does help.
I am shying away from all the magazines I have on hand in my house, though. It seems they are composed mainly of delectable recipes and finger-licking advertisements and chocolate things that no fat woman should ever torture herself with.

I began reading the book Twilight this week. My daughter just happens to own the series of these romantic vampire novels that have inspired the hit-movie. It's pretty good so far. Luckily, about the only thing they eat in this story is blood- so I'm pretty safe.

I can almost get through the entire evening now before I start seeing food images in my head.
Only a few days of fat deprivation and I have almost gotten to the point where I can ignore the Laughing Pepperoni Pizzas and Chuckling Fried Chicken and the Dirty Dancing Doritos.

Another thing that has helped me to cope is pampering myself a little.
No quick showers- I have been relaxing in deep bubble baths, using skin moisterizers and plucking pesky chin hairs on a daily basis.
I really like the hot water, but mostly I like the fact that it's hard to eat Fully Loaded Nachos in a steamy tub.
It's called deterrence, people!!

But do pamper yourself. Don't wait till you've reached a goal to get your hair- your nails-your feet done. Put on makeup, some cute clothes, and brush your teeth between salads and bean sprouts.

We are already half-way into Week One !


sisterlinda said...

First off, does dieting make one get up at 3AM to write? Guess that is better then a 3AM raid of the frig!

I do belive we should all do a little pampering. You realize, that while we are pampering, our hands are NOT shoveling food in our mouths! I have been pampering my "old ladies feet"...using my ped egg,pumice stone and lots of lotion. Yes, I am getting ready for flip-flop weather.

I plan on a BIG 'ol pampering session when I reach a new hairstyle, new color and a new wardrobe. I am looking forward to THAT pampering BIG TIME!

kelli said...

I'm with you on this! I hate to keep citing Oprah, but her "Best Life" show Monday was all about putting ourselves back on our to-do list - At least one thing just for us every day in the midst of dusting, getting groceries or unloading the dishwasher. Sounds good to me!