Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My New Food Favorites

I know everyone is on their own idea of a diet. Webster defines defines the word diet as:
A particular selection of food, esp. as designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease. What works for some may not work for others. Just stick with what you know- what shows the best results.

I am following a Weight Watchers regimen, although I'm not attending the meetings. I have all the information I need and even a nifty "points" calculator. And luckily I have a lot of people to keep me from straying from the plan!

The points are based on calories, fat and fiber content. Each person is allowed a set number of points per day according to their staring weight. As you lose weight, points are subtracted from your daily intake. Another winning feature that makes this work is that you must write down every thing you eat. It makes you realize what a wagon load of calories you were consuming before! High fiber is a good thing to have, even if you aren't following WW. Of course, we all know to limit starches, sugars, sodas, and alcohol.

I've found some pretty good food selections that are low in points- and for those of you who are on another course- these are still great choices.

1. WW frozen treats: My husband and I treat ourselves to an ice cream after supper every night- (if we have points left). We like the Drumsticks (2 pts), Big Wheels (2 pts) and Latte Bars
(1 pt). They are expensive (not for the kiddies)- so I watch for the sales.

2. Boca Burgers: These are an every day staple in our diet. They are vegetable based burgers and are very tasty. We like them with a slice of pickle, fat free mayo and mustard. Can't wait till summer for a thick slice of fresh tomato. You can add lettuce without adding points. One burger = 1 pt. (Buns? See no. 3)

3. Healthy Life or Arnold Select brand sandwich buns: Both these are 1 pt. each. I just discovered the Arnold buns- they are called sandwich thins and are multi-grain. Top one with a Boca burger and veggies and you have only a 2 point meal!

4. Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt: I remember my mom having this around the house once upon a time. It's a mixture of garlic and spices and salt and pepper. It is not tht fake salt stuff because it does contain sodium. But- the great thing is that it is only half the sodium of regular table salt and- to me- it tastes as good. I am a salt freak and this has helped control it a bit.

5. Quaker White Cheddar Rice Cakes: I know- everybody thinks rice cakes are like styrofoam, but I enjoy these. I spread tomato paste on them for a crunchy treat and -for a meal, I add low fat cottage cheese also. These are even better with a slice of fresh tomato to top them off. 1 cake = 1 pt.

6. Bear Creek Darn Good Chili- This is by far my favorite discovery! We had this yesterday.
The package makes 1/2 gallon! You just add tomato paste. I added a can of drained diced tomatoes to mine without adding any sigificant points. 1 cup = 1 pt. Add 5 Keebler Fat Free crackers at 1 pt and there is a 2 point meal. I usually allow about 5 points for our lunch. You can see that this chili can be very filling. And it tastes as good as any chili I've made.

Well, I hope I didn't bore all of you that aren't into the point system. However, you might consider some of the items -just as a change. I think that is a secret of staying focused- filling full and having choices. Food can get rather boring when you're dieting.

But- this is an adventure. And like my sister says- This is exciting!. To think that we have the power within us to sculpt our bodies. That we have the willpower and strength to change our lifestyle- to improve our heath- to extend our lives. It is pure magic!

All it takes is one day at a time.


sisterlinda said...

The chili sounds good, and something I will try. As for the bocca burgers, well, they are NOT for everyone. We tried them once and just did not acquire a taste for them.

I guess my favorite food has become tuna with a little mustard and horseradish mixed in...yum, yum!

I am not on the points system, but I do like the ideas. We are just trying to watch what we stuff in our mouths....we all know the good from the bad.

I ate and ate in 2008 but I am gonna look fine in 2009!