Saturday, January 10, 2009

Testing Temptations

Weekends always seem the hardest for me. There's so much down time, empty space, dull moments...It's so easy to fill the gaps with potato chips and candy bars.

Even this morning I have had to be on alert, turning a blind eye toward a dozen glazed donuts. My daughter dropped them by, along with the grand kids...
So, not only am I babysitting, but I'm exercising my resistance to temptation. I've done great so far, but I've only been up for an hour.
A box of donuts on the table makes a long day for a dieter.

So, I close my eyes... Breathe deep...
( No, No No!!! Don't breathe the donut aroma, I scold myself!)

Breathe and focus... Vision a beautiful summer day...
It's warm outside and your husband wants to take you out for dinner or a movie.
You jump at the chance. You know you'll look great in those new jeans and cool cotton top- even your tanned feet will look especially attractive in stylish sandals- your healthy hair, now shinier and fuller than ever- as he wraps his arm around your tiny waist and helps you out the door. He is proud of you. You can tell it in his attentive eyes.

That vision is priceless. That alone is a reward. A reward for what now seems like suffering.

Maybe your vision is different. Maybe it's walking on a beach in a bikini. Running a marathon. Getting off medications. Rekindling romance. Loving your body again.

Whatever your motive is, never forget it.
Keep it in the pocket of your mind and carry it always.

Grasp it.
Squeeze it.
Feel it.
Live it.

Especially when there's donuts in the house.

And remember- I'm praying for you.


sisterlinda said...

We all have our motives to lose weight. Mine is to look better, feel better, be able to keep up with the Grandkids, take hikes and run around at the yard sales without the strain of getting in and out of the van....just jump right in, no panting or being breathless and ready to run to the next one. My husbands motive is perhaps being able to get off of most of his medications and of course to feel better.

If there are any donuts left, when the kids are gone, throw them in the trash immediately! Sometimes even the most willpowered person cannot resist temptation of a fresh warm glaze donut! But we all have to realize that sometime we will fall of the wagon, we just have to dust ourselves off, get back on, and ride like the wind to the end of this "exciting" journey!

Thanks for the prayers....I will need them!