Friday, February 20, 2009

Something Fun

For me, half the battle of losing weight
is finding ways to make it fun and less mundane.
There's nothing more somber
than a frozen Brussels sprout
or more boring than
a stale rice cake.

Like I always say-
If your food can't be fun,
then something should be!

Short of watching the comedy channel 24/7
or taking in a funny movie at the local theater,
I have discovered a few relatively inexpensive ways
to make your dieting day brighter
and even more efficient.

At Old Will Knot
you can purchase this really cool talking scale.
Endorsed as My Weigh FunWeigh
High Capacity Bathroom Scale,
it not only tells you your weight,
but it will joke about it, too.
A little voice will say such things as:
"You're not big boned-You're just fat!"
or "Is somebody on here with you?".
All in addition to saying Hello and Goodbye
when its time to step on or step off.
It has a 400 pound capacity and
sells for a mere $49.90.
(Plus, for those of you with no sense of humor,
it has a shut up switch on the bottom.)

Another treat I personally would like to have is
the "Love Beyond Measure" Heart measuring spoons.
I found a set at with a sale price of $3.62.
These are gorgeous little spoons in
stainless steel with sweet saying engraved on each.
These would make wonderful gifts for your dieting friends-
(or even the skinny friends who just like to cook).

At there is an electronic
grocery list helper that you speak into
and it prints out your list.
It will even print errands that you also need to run.
The lowest model sells for around $50,
but imagine how it might help you to
remember specific items,
keep track of inventory,
and keep you from overspending.
(Just don't say "donuts" into it.)

Check out these websites!

And remember-
Just like I always say-
"If your food can't be fun,
then something should be!"

Have a fun day!


sisterlinda said...

The only fun part, of this journey, will be the finish line! The fun part will be buying new clothes and getting rid of all the "fat" clothes. To me THAT will be the fun part.

It does help to find something funny in this process....just not sure what that would be. I am sure if I set up a video camera (of my typical diet day) you all would get a good chuckle....maybe this is funny after all.

Anonymous said...

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